Rising Above

The General Rules
  1. Live according to your own morals and self-purpose. Service others along the way as you can but become wise to what is serving. Do not go off mission.
  2. Develop wisdom by searching only for the truth. Allow it to come. Be open but on guard.
  3. Do not hurt or steal peoples energy. Protect your own.
  4. Develop your relationship with God. God is the creator and a verb like Nature, Universal Energy, Spirit, Oneness, or Knowingness.
  5. The world is a wasteland. Do not go about trying to change it via surgery. Instead become vital and alive from within. That ripples out and upgrades the world. If you are not vital and alive, even the most pristine wilderness will appear as a hell to you.
  6. Leave this world having left a few (not many) special footsteps having done ‘5’.
  7. Do your body of work and then leave.
  8. Respect your own physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Develop them by tuning in and thinking with your heart, not with your head. The brain is a useful calculator but quite useless when deciphering The Force as it bases all on perception. It thinks the mind is in the head. It is not. The Mind is The Force and The Force is The Mind. The brain is deciphering it (the energy field) and it is confused. Stop thinking. The heart knows all and has unlimited wisdom. Be still and know.
  9. Perceive… feel… do. Do not ‘think’.
  10. Witness everything. Do not attach. Be cemented and grounded and engaged but wear life like a loose coat.
  11. Remember the 10 power commandments of Moses. Let us keep them in our common heart. Move out of hate, arrogance, envy. They do not serve us.
  12. Keep going with an inner smile that is loving the adventure (the mountain climb). You are a warrior. Have grace.
  13. Smile at the adventure because that’s all it is, and a grand one at that. You are inside a movie reel. Perform like a wise sage with sword at ready. That is what your character is evolving into as it arcs.
  14. Be in nature and with the spirit of nature. You are that. Get away from everything that is toxic and negative. You are not that. Parting from such things sends a powerful message out as you demonstrate responsibility and gracious behaviour away from the vileness that erodes your integrity. This is part of your journey into the ‘heart’ of matters.
  15. When in nature, admire the miracle. You ARE part of it. Believe and have faith.
  16. Observe how people try to manipulate you. Love them by keeping grounded and do not move. Be solid. Look down. Do not engage. Look down more. Be with soul. You are samurai. People will call you stubborn. God will call you a warrior. As a member of his tribe you will feel great. Be great or be manipulated and used like a prostitute for thrills. If it’s thrills you want, you will burn.
  17. Be great and good by achieving your target goals privately. Co-operate with people but don’t use or draw in their energy for your own private machinations. Rid yourself of filthy desires. You don’t want this energy, it is filth. Don’t be a thief or energy pickpocket. Also take note of your goals. Make sure they aren’t yours personally, but ones that are servicing God//Spirit/Oneness. Your Will and your ego is psychopathic. Let go of it then look at the world. It is a psychopath implanted in nature. Let go of the psychopath. Stop feeding it and building it in. Be with Spirit. Be with Nature. Be with God. Don’t be with the matrix. This is what people are caught in and building more of. Does ego have a use? Yes, to tie your shoe-laces, that is all. Meanwhile, even that can be a spiritual ritual.
  18. Be disciplined and light in tandem. Be with the spirit of the bear, the wolf and the bird. This will complete you as a man or a woman. Jaguar and hummingbird are also wonderful.
  19. Be totally disciplined in your mission to achieve your goals to become wise to things. If you do not, you will discipline others. This is pathetic.
  20. Do not entertain cultures requirements of you. They are temporary anyway, and will dissolve amidst the “winds of change”. Be like a rock, in respect of the elements. Allow nature to chisel you. It is either that or MTV.  You do not have to turn the tv off, but change the channel. Engage only with art that is developing your wisdom and appreciation of the miracle.
  21. Respect Earth Mother and Son Father.
  22. Keep thoughts pure. Be kind and gentle yet strong. Do not deviate. Have the grace of God.
  23. Do everything you can to prevent deviation. This means keeping disciplined with nutritional and physical programmes that build soul power and heart wisdom.
  24. Remember that chi is your body armour. Toxic people, places and cultures will erode your armour by undermining you and complimenting you (they manipulate you into removing your armour so they can encroach). Hold. See them only as teachers. As a warrior, you must therefore do the opposite and add more layers of chi while raising shield. Let the light of the sun bling them. In doing so, your biochemistry will harmonise, toxins will exit and your real death will be an honour and a pleasure. Shields up!
  25. Choose your brothers wisely. Fellowship among warriors develops virtuousness.
  26. You are not alone. You are with Spirit. God is always there for you. Be in service to God (the Good) and you will be a mountain again. Remember ‘Thy’ will, not ‘your’ will, will be done.
  27. Have honour. Take responsibility and be completely accountable for your own behaviour. Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be. If you loose a fight, let it be your teacher. Rise again. Now you know your blind spots. Go forth.
  28. Face yourself. Be honest with yourself. Observe how you avoid pain and seek pleasure. Then observe the culture and how it pleasure seeks. Understand that hedonism and nihilism is not warrior like. Warriors spit on this vileness and then walk away, unafraid if they will be be-headed as they turn the corner. At least it is a good death, honourable and heart-based.
  29. Do not tell lies. Be strong. Stop doing things that make you weak, such as masturbation. Don’t be counter productive. Every day is a gift to sync with nature. You can do this at speed when you stop doing things that make you weak. Too much sex weakens. In fact, it should be done once – to make a baby. Hold your semen. This is chi coming out. If you wish to know what chi looks like, think of semen – this is chi energy condensed into form. Keep it, it is your shield in this world that weakens and uses you. Do not masturbate.
  30. Choose to live like a mountain warrior or choose to strangle the person closest to you. Their death may not show for 20 years but it will come. You will then be alone with their blood on your hands. Better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war. Make haste.
  31. Observe how much you have sold your soul then click back into alignment in a single breath. End it now through prayer. For example, observe how vile the music is that you are listening to, then change the channel. Hear silence only, or listen to Japanese flute music, rainforest sounds or native American chanting. Stop enjoying the suffering of other people by making fun of them, playing tricks or seducing them. Observe yourself doing this and stop it immediately.
  32. Build your body strongly. Stretch the muscles, strengthen them but don’t over do it. Let Spirit guide you with your bodywork, not your ego. Ego leads to bodybuilding competitions and a quick death. Spirit leads to a life of 200 years, farmer strength and to be prepared for war and battle. You can do anything you want in this life; you can learn to be an intellectual academic with a moustache who lectures about modern art, or you can learn knife throwing, how to camp, how to make a fire, how to be loyal, how to treat a woman, how to be a father. You decide.
  33. Remember yourself as a child. This is where the grace of God lives. Be with that. It is strong and intuitive. It knows everything. The matrix is a scam.
  34. Keep exiting the matrix and choose to gradually but inevitably by maintaining integrity. You will become wise this way. Notice how quietly spirit places you with what you need: the right eating habits, contacts and stillness that your mind and entire body so desires. Well done for reading this list. Now keep searching for truth. You will then seek pleasure less and be grounded as chi energy surrounds you. With the strength of 10 bears you will walk from A>B unaffected by your own mind, the minds of others and their scent. Now you are with mountain mind, wisdom and peace and you can be of service because your heart beats.
  35. Slow down, be still. Be a master and begin life by letting all resentment pass. Do not attach to ego and have the faith. Do not lose the faith.
  36. Observe how people are in trance like states of resentment and anxiety. Be in service by being the opposite of that – understanding, graciousness and awareness are the ways. Do you care if you die today? If so, read this list again.
  37. Do not accept people for who they are being (bad behaviour). Appeasement is liberalism and it wants you to appease and excuse everything, including vileness and manipulation as it encroaches into your being. Do not excuse it by being mountain mind and heartfelt (gentle yet strong). When you are in mountain mind, negativity will bounce off you, like a bouncy ball thrown against a mountain wall. It has no chance.
  38. Regarding ’37’, you may not have time to play detective. Instead, walk the straight and narrow path to safety (mountain mind) by following information detailed on this website.
  39. Face your enemy not using the intellect. It will outsmart you. Instead, be a mountain. Your enemy will then vanish as it was only a projection in the dream you are having (to help you become a mountain). If you are equipped with a shining intellectual sword, go forth. We need more of you.
  40. Bravery and laughter together please. You are still a child. Go forth with shield and sword. Enter through being. Play for ‘keeps’ but let go and do not attach. Even your body does not belong to you. In the end, all belongs to Spirit. Sacrifice yourself to the mission. Do not be upset about doing this but stay calm and live in integrity. Smile and don’t fret.
  41. Do not attempt to un-weave the lies or work anything ‘out’ or ‘out-smart’ things or people, this is a bad habit for most and only few are able (very very few). Because we are inside a hall of mirrors, you will inadvertently get ‘even more lost’ despite your good intentions. Then you became part of the matrix. Simply engage in the method of cultivating chi and become strong. Then, the hypnotism and brainwashing you are enmeshed in will become obvious through knowing. You will not have out-smarted anything, but you will have become wise to things co-incidentally. There is a big difference. It is the difference between having a clever brain and a mountain mind (heart wisdom). This process makes you unchained. Now you CAN smile. The idea that man could chain up a mountain is ridiculous. Rise like lions.
  42. The self image you have is a generated image that is counterfeit. This then gives rise to a counterfeit reality. The Real Self knows this, is wise and feels the lie. The Real Self is with Spirit. The self is unreal and unsustainable. Stop keeping up appearances. Stop using it to get. The old must go because you cannot serve two masters.
  43. Do not be arrogant or proud (including intellectual and social arrogance). Probably, like this author you are a beginner. Do not put people down. Build them by developing fellowship with your Real Self, not your ego self that is hypnotised and a slave to culture.
  44. Keep agreements or renegotiate if necessary, but never compromise your own personal integrity.
  45. Knowledge is comic. Unfold like a flower to become wise to this. As it is presented to us in nature – grow out of yourself. Like a flower, allow this to be gradual, gentle.