Rising Films

Rising Films, a film production company.
Making intense, deep, abstract low budget films for the festival markets.
We are currently raising finance to fund a slate of low budget feature films. Investment options vary and can be catered. One example is via the innovative EIS  (Enterprise Investment Scheme) and SEIS schemes to then guarantee you a 50% return. Three films will be made over a period of five years:
Film 1: Übermensch II: The Cloud. An existential fantasy exploring concepts of reality, past lives and the philosophy of the sage. A piece of magical realism filmed and set in Wales, London and India.
Film 2: Love in Herne Hill: Love is a fragile thing, sound is a powerful thing. A mosaic of love stories all ready to splinter are brought back into alignment by a single sound. Themes of our interconnected natures and delicate human condition.
Film 3: Wolfhunter: (development) A gothic fairy tale set in the magical ice lands. Archetypal and mythological, this is a piece of dark fantasy. The screenplay to this film is complete and it will be filmed in Iceland.
These art house films are low budget genre movies with international appeal so to boost the interest of my investors who have a regard for film art. I can write, produce, direct and edit my own films. This way my budgets are kept low and more money can be spent on useful resources.
Please get in contact for more information on the most beneficial ways to invest in Rising Films or phone me on 07973740782