Rising Films Ltd.

Rising Films Ltd. is a film production company designed to encourage development in story by presenting characters in a non-linear, non-dualistic and symphonic way.
Spiritual concepts past cultures made animate require in-depth understanding if we are to ally again with the truth through art. To exercise this way is natural, and here the dream animates: true art blossoms, feelings are felt and expressed. In any other circumstance the power of choice has yet to be discovered. Universal laws have been forgotten. Art is the way back to them.
True Art
Art is our way of making ritual and participating in the process that we are experiencing. The more conscious we are of this process, the more beauty or truth we see in art and the more it can effect us. Awake to our own contribution to the re-animation of this collective dream we are creating again.
A commitment to the artistic process creates an empowered and resilient character that is morally committed to animating truth through craft. Here an individual has taken responsibility by choice – is a steward to their assets, and they dedicate their finite time left to the practise of disciplines that support manifestation of their unique potential.
And in respect of our own significance we are able to live a joyful life of purpose by expressing our developed self through the mastery of the natural asset and influence society co-incidentally and without agenda as a result of our own genuine, non artificial development and inner genius. This alchemical process is to integrate the shadow. This is to become self actualised and know the dreamworld constructs and the self’s relationship to them.
Company Mission
To create and support meaningful projects which will encourage life away from the pleasure principle and into a mature and developed comprehension of our mythos. Discipline, dedication, practise, patience, laughter and joy is our way, finding purpose through active participation and responsible co-operation, and the pursuit of truth. We believe that art forms are powerful tools of high value and must be understood, mastered and respected as significant.
We have a core slate of three stories which represents the soul of the company. These multidimensional cinema movies attempt to shine light on happenings through a comprehension of and exploration in both mythos and logos. Film is but a tool to present these natural happening phenomena as we venture into a new renaissance which understands nature, art, the body, the mind, Love, truth, and the Dreamland.